Time for ?

Several weeks ago, I was surfing the net (as I do mostly for inspiration) and I came across the website “Coach Creative Space”.  On my first visit I did not do much exploring (I should have).  But, I did subscribe on that visit.    Today, I received and email from Di.  She actually quoted things that I had written in my profile when I signed up.  This led me to believe that it was not a form letter and a real person read my profile.  Wow! 

Di made a few suggestions of areas of the website that I should visit.  “Thirty Days of Creating”, is what inspired me to write today.  It was not a lot of blah, blah, boring reading!  It was short, sweet and a direct hit to my front line of me!  Go figure!  Me take a minute to write, let alone create.  I silently made a promise to me this morning.  A few minutes a  day for ? 

I know that I took this a bit far for myself.  I thought that if I took it too far for myself, that I would a least get a little for myself in the end.

I posted that link below.  I know that many of you will have the same view that I do. 


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